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Oct. 24th, 2010



I just wanted to let everyone who reads this know that as of now I will no longer be cross posting from my blog to this livejournal. I will, however, continue to be posting to the community BentoLunches.

If you are interesting in continuing to read my blog, please bookmark my NomBento (Yes, I am horrible with names)

Oct. 8th, 2010


The Glory of Leftovers

@____@ Erg, long week. ._. And Wednesday I didn't have time to make my bentos...

I really love leftovers. They are amazing. I can get up in the morning like a zombie, and my side dishes are already made!! Both of my obento were leftovers. XD It was a nice day.

2010 October 04

530ml Monokuro Buu box: Salad with grapes and hazelnuts, some cheese orzo thing that is really yummy (sorry, I don't have a recipe, it was brought home by someone else)
Side: boiled egg.

I often wonder why I don't have many boiled eggs in my lunches these days. Boiled eggs are so good.

Rice with garlic stir fried vegetables and Panda Express Sweet Fire chicken. OMNOM. I could probably eat their Sweet Fire chicken every day if I didn't beleive it was so bad for you.

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Sep. 21st, 2010


Sesame Mushroom Burgers

D: Not dead... just took a nice long break before school started up again, which was officially Monday. XD I am late in my posting, like usual. My schedule is set up in as such I spend essentially all day on campus Monday and Wednesday... 9am to 8:30pm and that doesn't factor in my near horrendous commute. @____@ I keep reminding myself that education is so very, very worth it.

Barring any unforseen events, days off or general explosions I will officially be back to posting at a minimum of twice a week. I am currently working on two projects - 1) coming up with recipes, ideas and tutorials that are quick, simple and easy enough that they can be done in the wee hours of the morn by extremely non-morning people and are beginner friendly as well & 2) I am going to be translating sections of one of my Japanese obento books, prepare the recipe as written, post the recipe and photo and share how it turned out. Its a book of obento that supposedly take 10 or less minutes to prepare in the morning. I thought people might especially appreciate the latter, though it may take some time to get around to it since school work is first priority and my Japanese is a bit rusty.

So, without further ado here is a days worth of obento - two meals and a snack!

490ml White Vive box: Rice, chicken burgers in sesame and mushroom sauce (recipe below), steamed broccoli and carrots with coarse salt, fukujinzuke

360ml white monokuro boo box: stir fried frozen veggie mix with tofu puffs
230ml black monokuro boo box: rice

sando de panda box: honey peanut butter and jelly
mini chocolate

Quick Sesame Mushroom Burger
I have not listed exact amounts but rather proportions... its super easy and scales endlessly whether you are cooking for one or many.

burger mix of your choice of meat (I used ground chicken with bread, milk, egg, garlic, ginger and green onion), formed into 2tb size patties*
gomadare (either homemade or from a bottle)
one button/crimini mushroom per two burgers

Heat up a pan with little sesame oil. Place the burgers in the pan. Add the mushrooms and cook till the patties are lightly browned on both sides. Mix some gomadare and water in a 3:1 ratio (quantity depends on how much sauce you want) and add that to the pan. Boil so that it cooks the burgers and softens the mushrooms. Remove the burgers and reduce the sauce so that it is thickened and top the burgers with the the sauce.

*It is generally impractical to make burger mix in the morning... what I do is make a lot of the mix one day and freeze in 2tb size portions. At night I take out as many portions as I need, and because the portions are so small they usually thaw by morning and I use them for a myriad of things from mini burgers, soboro, dumplings, fillings, etc.

Crossposted from my blog

Sep. 2nd, 2010


2 Obento for a Friend

=_=;;; Bleh, I'm so behind with my posts... these days it seems like all the time. But I've been packing, and moving and cleaning. @___@ My work, in that regard, is finally done. For now anyways.

I recently re-opened relations with a friend (through circumstances we avoided each other for about nine months). And like something that creeps out of your past I ended up making her some bento (she had to be out and about for some time that day). This one (technically two, but they were given all at once) was crafted sometime last week. I thought it came out kinda cute for being in all disposable containers.

Plain rice, pan fried shiozake, steamed broccoli/carrot/snow pea mix, egg sheets decorated with nori

Onigiri box: four onigiri with umejiso furikake, filled with cooked tuna and wrapped in nori

Other box: kimchii! (unfortunately, on its last leg XD)

Reposted from my blog, NomBento.

Aug. 21st, 2010


Sweet Misoyaki

Ack. Its been a while... I've been O_O somewhat busy and constantly whisked away from home. I cannot remember the last time I slept in my own bed. But I have a recipe for you lovely folks!!

blue bowl: rice with colored egg sheets
pink bowl: sweet chicken misoyaki, mixed vegetables stirfried in plum sauce

Top: veggies stir fried in plum sauce, various pickles, satsuma and kiwi
Bottom: rice, colored egg sheets, sweet chicken misoyaki

Sweet Chicken Misoyaki
One large chicken breast, cut into chunks
2tsp to 2tb miso (more or less depending on your miso - mine was mild white so I used two tb)
2 tb umeshu, mirin or a wet/sweet sake
2 tsp evaporated cane juice sugar or brown sugar
splash of soy sauce or pinch of salt (if your miso is not salty)

Mix everything in a plastic ziploc bag, pressing out as much of the air as possible. Marinate overnight or at least 2 hours and up to 3 days. Pan fry with a little bit of oil. Enjoy.

Reposted from my blog.

Jul. 25th, 2010


Game Day Obento

Every Saturday is my game day... I go to my friend's house and we play Dungeons and Dragons to the wee hours of the morning. But before that, I get the pleasure of hanging out with their two year old who seems to think I am one of the coolest people in all of existence. Ahhh they are so cute at that age. Anyways, I occasionally bring my obento so that I don't have to steal some of their dinner or buy fast food. And the little one feels entitled to pretty much everything I may be eating, drinking, playing with, or even looking at. She gets away with it because she is way too cute. She's gonna be a heartbreaker. This Saturday, however, I came prepared with matching obento.

Chloebelle's Obento

300ml Hello Kitty Box: Rice, heart shaped tamagoyaki, broccoli
160ml Purin round: mixed canned fruit

Oh boy was she happy about getting her own lunch, she grinned and grinned and asked me what things were ... and insisted the tamagoyaki was a cookie! 

My own Obento

2 Tier - 480ml Sugar Bunnies Obento 
Bottom: Rice with Sesame Seeds
Top: Heart shaped Tamagoyaki, pickled carrots, sesame spinach, various pickles (takuan, aokappa, shibazuke)

160ml Sugar Bunny Blue: mixed fruit
160ml Sugar Bunny Pink: fresh kiwi

2010 July 19
I forgot to post this one... it is a quick lunch made for the boyfriend. Bleary eyed and with an empty kitchen, I managed...

870ml Lock & Lock Container: Rice, buttered boneless pork chop, broccoli, pickled carrots

Reposted from my Blog

Jul. 12th, 2010


Torikatsu Bento

This one was not for me... but was well received except for the furikake, which made me slightly sad, but not too sad since that means I don't have to share it.

875ml Black Asvel box
Top: Rice with wakame-daikon leaf-salt-sesame seed furikake, broccoli, pickled carrots
Bottom: torikatsu nuggets, plum sauce, tonkatsu sauce

Reposted from my blog

Jun. 5th, 2010



I'm posting this one a bit late, this was made for Thursday... I went on a 5km volkswalk with the boyfriend and we had a picnic lunch. Well, it ended up raining and we were all wet so we ended up eating it at his place (warm and in the house!) but as they say... tis the thought that counts.

Each box contains Salad Makizushi, Tangy Karaage, potato salad and broccoli.

Recipes for the salad rolls and tangy karaage are at my blog.

May. 23rd, 2010


One For Me, One Not For Me....

>_>;; Normally I show the most recent one first but I'm running out of veggies and too lazy to go to the store. Final exams are approaching.... and all I want to do is nap.

Saturday, 2010 May 22

500 ml Hamster Club box: Rice with sesame seeds, leftover fried chicken, steamed broccoli/carrot/snow peas, bbq sauce, pickles, soy sauce...With a side of baked sweet potato (not shown)

Today, 2010 May 23

890 ml Asvel 2 tier box:
Top: mamegohan (rice cooked with peas) and maple glazed carrots
Bottom: crab shumai, spring roll, plum sauce, simmered kombu, pickles

This one is for the boyfriend... and is supplimented with chocolate hazelnut milk, some almonds, fruit leather and a couple Japanese kitkat.

These shumai look nice... but they don't have much flavor. :< I am tempted to try to make my own.

reposted from my blog.

May. 8th, 2010


Frog and SugarBunny Charaben

Ahhhh... Today. =_=;; What a day. O_O I fell asleep on my homework studying last night, woke up too late to go to school... Made bento for my friends at my Dungeons and Dragons game to find out just as I was leaving my house that I misread a text message and the game was canceled. I'm not saying it was a bad day though... the sky is a beautiful shade of blue, its almost warm outside and Oregon is as green and verdantly beautiful as always. (Well, on this side of the mountains. Its brown desert across the mountains.)

500ml blue Asvel box: Rice with carrot butterflies and two froggies made of egg and cheese, tsukune burger with tonkatsu sauce on spinach, broccoli, simmer mushrooms with snow peas, carrot flowers, sweet potato (Okinawa) ball.

I think this one is the cuter of the two. I rather liked the way it turned out.

Sugar Bunnies box: Same contents as the froggy obento with the addition of an umeboshi. The bunny's face is kinda not the way I wanted.... I got lazy and tired towards the end. >.< The brown bunny is supposed to look smug, not happy.

Full post and recipe for the egg sheets used (frogs and sugar bunny) at my blog.

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